Mori Gyaru (Forest Girl)

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The Mori Gyaru, or Forest Girl style has been developing a cult like following on the streets of Tokyo (as all good looks do over there). The look is all about being at one with nature, with the wearer looking as if they have just stepped out of a forest. Think neutral tones, lots of layers, baggy cuts, embroidery and fringing. The trend has even spawned mutations with the new Swamp Girl look (Numa Gyaru) becoming popular for girls who enjoy the Mori Gyaru style but for all the wrong reasons. Here is part one of our look inspired by the Numa Guyaru manifesto as posted on Mixi (Japanese social networking site)

  • We love loose-fitting dresses, but people often ask us if we’re pregnant.
  • We like leggings, but that’s because long johns are great when it’s cold.
  • We like motifs depicting sweets or animals, not because they’re cute but because they look delicious.
  • We like flat heels not because they’re especially fashionable but because they’re easy to walk in.
  • We like fairy tales but also check out erotic fiction.
  • Short nails make us look natural but are also useful when we have to pick our noses.
  • Trying to be cute we wear our hair long and curly with a fringe but we actually end up looking more like Sadako (scary haired lady from “Ring” who climbs out of a well to menace people).

Look 01

Coat - Gorman “Winston Duffle Coat” in navy, $299.00 | Pants - Minty Meets Munt “Slim Jim Cargo” in khaki, $129.95| Boots - Sportsgirl Marley mocassin, $79.95. | Bag - Sportsgirl bag, $59.95.

Look 02

Jacket - Minty Meets Munt “Cassidy Suede Jacket”, $89.95 | Skirt, Gorman swing skirt in gold, $199 | Beanie - Sportsgirl, $24.95 | Belt - Sportsgirl, $24.95 | Bag - Sportsgirl fringe bag in rust, $99.95 | Heels - Sportsgirl fashion wedge, $149.95.

Look 03

Jumper - Sportsgirl Fringe Jumper, $119.95 | Shorts - Minty Meets Munt “Sonia” shorts, $79.95 | Leggings - Kissin Cussin High Waisted Legging in Beatnik Butterfly, 79.00 | Boots - Sportsgirl “Savannah Hiking Boot”, $149.95.

Evil Twin - (02) 9212 4788
Kissin Cussin
Minty Meets Munt

Hayley Hughes
Rachel Kara
Hair & Make-up
Sarah Scott
Lauren Moody from Chadwicks


  1. nagi noda says:

    June 1st, 2011at 11:12 PM(#)

    so awesome, I love the colour palate!

  2. Jay says:

    June 2nd, 2011at 9:31 PM(#)

    really like these looks! great colours and very wearble and versatile pieces

  3. cosmeticlover says:

    June 5th, 2011at 6:40 AM(#)

    Hello, I am looking for special gyaru style accessories for a friend who is crazy for gyaru style, and i found contact lens “gyaru style”, but as i know nothing about this can you tell me if it is really gyaru style of just marketing to sell more ?!
    I see these cosmetic lenses, brand is Dueba, can you tell me what you think ?

    Thank you for your expert advice ! I will read the reply here tomorrow if you have time to help me, and i will put your page on my facebook if you don’t mind, maybe some people can visit your site and also tell me what they think ?

  4. C says:

    June 8th, 2011at 6:44 PM(#)

    Ah! Just a heads up- there’s a difference between mori GA-RU (森ガール), and mori GYARU (森ギャル). Mori GYARU was a gyaru (gal) spinoff of the original style during the height of the mori girl fad in Japan.
    Otherwise, cute interpretation of the swamp fashion- it isn’t seen much!

  5. Sora says:

    June 21st, 2011at 2:39 AM(#)

    cosmeticlover> They’re circle lenses and they’re not just for gyaru style, they’re pretty popular in Asia and first started out in S.Korea if I’m not mistaken. Popular brands are Geo, EOS etc. It’s easy to google for blog reviews and a lot of people post videos about them on youtube.

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