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On the first day of MBFWA, designer Courtney Meyer presented Miss Unkon’s Spring Summer 2012/13 collection entitled ‘The Life Between’. Inspired by the magical moments in our everyday lives intertwined with the honesty and magnificence of nature and cityscapes, the collection was whimsical in appearance with soft colours and intricate metal embellishment.


The collection primarily included sorbet shades of baby blue and yellow, off-white pieces as well as splashes of vibrant peach, turquoise, pink and black. Featuring flowing dresses, cap-sleeved shirts, flip-skirts, sheer blouses, swing-tops and digitally printed garments, the collection encapsulated the romance of the Miss Unkon story - fusing feminine with edgy, an aesthetic for which the brand has become well-known.

The collection featured exquisite pleating, soft netting, laser cutting and beautiful embellishment but it was the hand stitched embroidery and beading that were the standout pieces, inspired by the art-deco movement and its grandeur. Mixing the image of a mountainous landscape with pastel art-deco colours to evoke the feel of Miami and its magical, iconic scenery, many pieces included cutout backs and shoulders, as well as tie-up closures and stunning silk overlays.

After the show, we had the opportunity to sneak backstage for an official interview with Meyer herself, who explained to us a little bit more about Miss Unkon’s ‘The Life Between’ and what inspired her this season.

Courtney, what inspired you for ‘The Life Between’ Spring Summer 2012/13?
The inspiration really came from telling this story [about] the magical moments in life. Even if you’re just walking in the city, there’s something like a beautiful sunset or something magical, so we really brought that whole story into the collection. It’s just about creating this world where she [the  girl] goes out and makes magic happen.

Can you tell us a little bit more about this art deco influence and the mountain landscape imagery?
We had a signature print, which was this mountain, and then this beautiful rainbow coloured sunset. It was created for us and really mirrored back to the whole theme of the magic within the every day.

If you had to choose one piece from your collection, the essential piece that every girl should have, what would it be?
Gosh! That’s so hard! Personally, I love the Magic Waters pieces, which are the ones with the beading and the metalling. And then I love the Petals of Joy skirt, the organza skirt [with the] embroidery [which was] something I illustrated and then it was created into the fabric.

Overall, the collection was a beautiful fusion of feminine silhouettes and soft, natural elements, as Meyer took us all on a voyage through a ‘wonderland of dreams’. Showcasing simplicity and elegance, attention to detail, soft pastel colours and interesting fabric manipulations made for, what we here at OTSOS believe, was one of the best womenswear meets streetwear collections at MBFWA 2012.

True Unkon-ventional perfection…just the way we like it!

Words by Rebecca Glaser Photos by Vanessa Low


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