Quick Updates From The Road

Alright, I am blogging here from Kuala Lumpur with my good friend Simon Carpenter, and he is the guru of property portals. He has been asking me if I’d like to help him build up a new property site to take on the likes of REA, and I thought he was crazy. But then he convinced me that its a workable business, and there’s a very good chance to get acquired, too.


Skyline of Kuala Lumpur. Picture taken from Bangsar.

I mean, how hard can it be? Build up a property classifieds site (I heard you can outsource rather cheaply to India these days), then email out to agents and offer them free listings to build up a kick butt database. Once we have the listings, then we rely on viral marketing to spread the word around, and home buyers will then flock to us. Once we have the traffic, we will then start charging to make money. Very possible.

A billion bucks, here I come! Simon Carpenter, you’re da man!

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