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November 26th, 2010 by  |  Published in Street Style  |  8 Comments

“Today I’ve got a little bit of sailor chic going on” -Matthew, Teacher

T-Shirt American Apparel
Shirt Vanishing Elephant
Jeanse That Store
Shoes Converse
Bag Came with my Modular compilation CD
Sunnies Vintage from Bondi Markets


  1. Giuseppe says:

    November 29th, 2010at 11:50 AM(#)

    Love the striped tee, very “sailor chic”.

  2. eli says:

    November 29th, 2010at 2:16 PM(#)

    Great use of blues. The light blue shirt and the dark blue stripes together is a look I’m going to have to steal.

  3. Sarah says:

    November 30th, 2010at 10:36 PM(#)

    This is a really cute outfit. I like a man who carries a bag and you look better in jeans than most girls!

  4. mandy says:

    December 1st, 2010at 4:56 PM(#)

    mmm. o.k, but where are the quirky brave boys?

  5. Robbie says:

    December 3rd, 2010at 1:45 PM(#)

    This look is cool because it’s effortless yet stylish.

  6. Abby Kite says:

    December 3rd, 2010at 2:14 PM(#)

    the opened button shirt over the tshirt is a great relaxed look. i agree with eli that the use of blues is really awesome and suits you alot. i got the modular cd that came with a bag too. only for the bag, didn’t really like the cd lol.

  7. Jessica Steen says:

    December 3rd, 2010at 10:56 PM(#)

    Youre the best dressed teacher i’ve ever come across. Chilled and relaxed. Easy to wear :D

  8. Kim says:

    December 10th, 2010at 11:36 PM(#)

    I’m pretty sure there are 20 other guys on the same street wearing the same thing.

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