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December 24th, 2010 by  |  Published in Street Style  |  4 Comments

“I don’t like trends, but I know this is kinda trendy” - Grace, Market stall holder

Hat Salvos Op Shop
Bike Shorts Topshop
Knit Vintage
Sheer maxi skirt Vintage
Turkish Slippers Op Shop


  1. mandy says:

    December 24th, 2010at 9:02 AM(#)

    utterly gorgeous. love that glimpse of braided hair!

  2. Boulevard says:

    December 24th, 2010at 6:34 PM(#)

    loving the sheer skirt, and the pretty face.

  3. Lactose Intoler-Art says:

    January 3rd, 2011at 3:28 PM(#)

    She’s great. I love the mixture of the sheer with texture, the braid, and the oversized hat. Amazing.

  4. Kim says:

    May 4th, 2011at 12:36 PM(#)

    I love it all except for the hat.

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