Back To Black: The Devil Seller

Home buying, or at least successful home buying, is a lot of patience and hard work, some luck, and tons of attitude – the good ones, of course! No one wants to work with a very difficult client, so naturally, don’t be one! That’s my prerequisite when I work with a client. 🙂

I once had a client who had wanted to sell of two units: a nice, plush unit at Zehn Bukit Pantai as well as a plush Establishment condo at Bangsar (Jalan Mesui). His attitude really stunk, and I got really fed up that I didn’t want to work with him in the end.

Censored to protect the innocent!

Censored to protect the innocent!

But what makes a buyer a bad buyer, really? How do you constantly check your character and your actions (and more importantly, reactions!) that make you a bad, annoying home buyer whose offer would likely be turned down merely over grounds of being mean and un-nice, or at least be refused all forms of bargaining and thus end up with not a good deal in hand at all?

Attitudes of a bad home buyer

I’ve listed down the attitudes of a bad home buyer with tips on how to avoid being one (or at least react less meanly)?

  1. Don’t be too mean about your comments on the Malaysian house, especially if you’re looking to get a bargain on it. There are ways to euphemize your description; for instance you can say ‘not too complimentary’ instead of saying ‘they’re a total mismatch’. The rules on proper and effective bargaining never included berating each home you’re interested in just to make the owner feel bad about selling it too expensively. Remember, you need them as much as they need you so do not abuse your consumer power. This is especially important if you’re buying FSBO, although even real estate agents selling on the owner’s behalf would likely hate it too.
  2. Don’t be too vocal about your fickleness. Only give your word when you’re 100% sure about the house. Saying “Alright, we’ll be back for it maybe within the weekend to finalize everything; I’m buying the house” half-heartedly and only to kill their hopes in the end is evil. You’re giving false hopes to people who are in dire need of getting their homes sold (or of the agent getting his commission).
  3. The demanding Malaysian home buyer. So you ask, no – DEMAND – your home owner directly or through the agent to do certain stuff for you; you request tons of changes and they happily accommodate you thinking that you are indeed on your way to dotting the I’s and lining the T’s on that purchase contract. Lo and behold, you suddenly back out leaving a very disappointed owner and his agent. Boy oh boy, you’d be lucky if you haven’t yet signed on anything that could cost you a lawsuit! But trust me on this: you’ve likely gained enmity!
  4. The bargaining Malaysian non-buyer. So you ask, and ask and ask and ask, and then bargain endlessly and aimlessly but you know that no matter how low your home buyer goes, you’re still not going to afford it. There are bargains that are probable; and there are those that would be a great example of miracle to actually happen. If you know it’s not within your budget, if you know your pre-approved mortgage won’t have you afford it (not in a million years!), don’t waste other people’s precious time in your bid to become the best haggler on earth.

Are you guilty of any of these? Be honest! 🙂

PS: I have asked my prospective clients to read this before engaging me… and as a result, I get better quality clients. Win-win for all!

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