DIY Rope Necklace

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Bright rope necklaces are easy to wear and surprisingly simple to make. Soft stretchy cords are ideal for this project and can be purchased from most fabric or craft stores. Once you get the hang of the braiding technique, try experimenting with thicker cords or patterned climbing rope. Keep in mind that the thicker the cord, the more you will need. For long necklaces, start with at least 4 metres of cord and see how you go.

You will need:
2-3 metres of cord
Needle and matching thread

Create a knot on one end of the cord, leaving a small loop. Try to tuck the end of the cord into the knot as you tie it. Secure the knot with a few stitches to prevent it unravelling.

Start to braid the rope using a figure-8 movement. Create a loose knot, then pull the end of the cord through the outer hole of the loop. Repeat.

Continue to braid the cord forming a consistent pattern. (See gallery for more images of the braiding technique).

Make your last braid with approximately 10cm remaining. Finish the necklace by knotting the left over end into a simple ball knot. Stitch if necessary. Your finished necklace can be fastened around the neck by passing the ball knot through the looped end.


  1. Low says:

    August 30th, 2011at 5:19 AM(#)

    Super cool idea!! I love it!!!! Must try this DIY!

  2. Vanessa says:

    September 5th, 2011at 8:54 PM(#)

    Lucinda, this is so creative! I can’t wait to try it out myself when I get my hands on some rope!

  3. Pat Keong says:

    November 26th, 2011at 4:13 PM(#)

    I’m going to try your rope necklace - a xmas present for my daughter. I think she’ll love it!

  4. Ebony says:

    February 7th, 2012at 1:37 PM(#)

    Totally love this. going to make one tonight!

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