Zion: Pete VS Toby

December 13th, 2010 by  |  Published in Features, Headline

Zion, as Pete Versus Toby would have you believe, is located on Crown Street in Darlinghurst and as far away from Jerusalem as you can get. Yes, Pete Versus Toby love them some politically subversive messages, and you can find them a-plenty on their infamous tees.

Famous for their controversial tees that have seen them on countless episodes of Today Tonight and ACA, designers Damo and Marco aren’t afraid to rock the boat. Recently Damo got kicked out of Paris’s most exclusive boutique, Colette, for fear of Karl Lagerfeld seeing the t-shirt he was wearing. Just what was on the t-shirt you ask? You’re going to have to go in to Zion and see for yourself. Zion itself is a welcoming creative den in a soulless commercial strip. Upon entering you feel the creative energy, but on saying that it could just be the lingering smell of a certain substance which itself features heavily on the designs. The boys are onto something with stockists all over Australia; these hippy kids from Byron are making their mark and Zion has become a must visit for any t-shirt fan. Kanye West recently bought their Samantha Harris t-shirt, so what tee are you gonna buy?

Zion is located at 256 Crown Street, Darlinghurst. Check out Pete Versus Toby online.

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