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stylestalker is one of Australia’s most up-and-coming fashion labels. The lovechild of Rachel Zeilic and Sue-Ann San, stylestalker has made a name of itself locally, as well as internationally. Within two years of its inception, it is now stocked in stores all over Australia, the UK and the US.

A label that sprouted from Rachel and Sue-Ann’s obsession with all things fabulous, stylestalker is now the prey of fashion addicts from all over the globe. Fans range from bloggers such as Rumi from Fashion Toast to celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian.  With fresh and bold designs and an array of devoted followers, this young label is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most coveted. We spoke with the talented and charismatic designers, Rachel and Sue-Ann, to discuss leather, New York and all things worth stylestalking.

How did the name ‘stylestalker’ originate?

It was kind of just a verb, even when we started the business, that we created – like, “I’m stylestalking” or “I just spent three hours stylestalking when I should’ve done this proposal for my boss”. For us, it was a term that sums up that kind of greed that we had for all things visual and just like taking in all that information from blogs and magazines and our travels and kind of hunting it down. I guess for us as well, we were looking for clothes that we could afford so there’s also that sort of stalky aspect like we saw one of our muses wearing an amazing little red clutch bag so we’d go on a hunt – Can we get it vintage? Is someone making one like this?

How would you identify stylestalker?

Sue-Ann: It’s the attitude. It’s for a confident girl, I think. It’s for someone who doesn’t give a damn and would wear a really pretty dress with a really tough jacket with some bizarre shoes – it’s about the attitude.

Rachel: I think the one thing that would identify stylestalker is that it’s a little bit tough and it’s a little bit girlie. It’s all about instant pieces – we don’t want to spend hours layering and being subtle, we want to make a statement and make it effortless.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Sue-Ann: I think it comes from Rachel and I, our personal tastes – everything we really like. But then again, we really just get inspiration from everywhere. We travel a lot, so just everywhere. Art, travel, books music … Rachel and I would just go out and have a drink and we’d go “Wow, I really like this colour” – literally, anything can be inspiring.

Rachel: I agree – that sounds so clichéd but it’s absolutely true. I think when you first start out as a designer, you’re taking very literal references and you’re like “I really like that dress, how can I make it different, change it up, make it my own?”. But then, when you develop, you kind of have a theme and really start to take more abstract references on anything that’s connected to that theme.

Where do you see stylestalker in the Australian fashion industry?

I think that we’re in a little bit of a no-man’s land, which is mainly the result of our pricing.  We’re a bit cheaper than most Australian designers but we are obviously not as cheap as chain stores. Our whole idea is affordable luxury so we want to be the same quality, the same level of design, as a designer product, but just knocking the edge of the price off so that it’s a bit more affordable. I see us as quite trend-driven within the industry. The girl that wears us has to be confident and fun. I think that’s one thing we have unique in the industry.

Who are your favorite Australian designers?

Dion Lee, Ellery, camilla and marc, Gail Sorronda

Who are your favorite international designers?

Pucci, Roberto Cavaill, Marios Scwab

What fabrics/colours do you love to work with?

PU and leather, sheer fabrics and silkier rayons for light jackets.

What is your favorite thing about Sydney?

Sun, fun and sexy ladies.

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