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Have you ever walked pass a Salon that looks so amazing you are willing to forgo your loyalty to your current hairdresser just so you can get your hair styled there? Well, this is how I have always felt about Stevie English Hair Salon in Glebe, with it’s amazing “Punk Regal” aesthetic and layout, it is a salon that just draws you in. Moving from strength to strength with the opening of his second salon in Bondi 3 weeks ago, we take a minute with owner of Stevie English Hair, Stevie Corthine, and the new Stevie English Bondi Senior Stylist Elly Hanson to discuss all things hair, style and Sydney!









                                                              Stevie, please give me a brief insight into your work history and what has bought you to where you are now?

I started in London, have worked in the USA and Asia before settling here in Australia. Antony Whittaker was the first person I worked for here in Australia and it was great. But I guess I wanted to have the creative control. I never thought that I would be a control freak and I don’t think I am but being in control of your own team and salon is such a rewarding experience! I am a colourist first and foremost but I have a lot of pride and passion for growing a business. I think I took a risk on this, but I also believe that a second salon is really good for us. Glebe is the original but it’s a great opportunity having a salon in two different suburbs.

What parts of the world have you lived in and which has been your favorite?

Stevie: Well apart from Australia, I’ve lived in England, Hong Kong, Seattle, Thailand, Germany, and Ireland. My father was in the British army so we travelled a lot. I love Australia, where else can you create a brand and a business and still get to surf every morning!

Where are your favorite places to hang out in Sydney?
Stevie: The beach, I surf in the Eastern Suburbs so you’ll find me most mornings between dawn and 8am at Maroubra. I love surfing, it’s really good for the mind. It’s just about being in the moment and I think it works really well for me having 2 businesses and a young family that surfing is my time.

Elly: I’m usually found at the beach, trying to surf and living in Bronte is just a little piece of heaven! I do the coastal walk, Bronte to Bondi a couple of times a week. A must do if you haven’t!

Stevie, What has made you base yourself in Australia?
I got married. Mel, my wife, is Australian. I was travelling and it was never really a plan to settle but I met Mel and I’m happily married for 10 years with 2 great kids, so Australia offers so much. It’s such a nice lifestyle we have here that it made it very easy to want to stay here.

Why was Glebe the place you decided to 1st base yourself, Stevie?
That is Mel also actually! I worked in Surry Hills and Paddington so I knew that area quite well and I think there are so many great salons in those areas, we were looking for somewhere different, there was room for us to shine in Glebe. I like the idea that Glebe is a little rough around the edges, a little more English, a little more bohemian. England is quite rough around the edges, more multicultural. But that’s the reason we chose Glebe. It’s a really cool suburb.

So why did you decide to open your second salon in Bondi?
In the 4½ years that we’ve had Glebe and grown our ground and worked really hard I thought with the eastern suburbs we could now take our branding further. Bring a slight edge as well. I felt there was room for Stevie English in Bondi Junction, I thought of it as a launchpad for us for bigger and better future.

How does the Glebe customer and Bondi customer differentiate?
Stevie: Glebe customers are pretty cool and low key and 3 weeks in Bondi customers are the same really. We are a cool, fun, relaxed and professional salon, but like all salons you attract a diverse clientele. I have lots of clients who live in the Eastern Suburbs and travelled to Glebe to come and see me so being here three days a week is great.

Elly: As the Bondi doors have only just opened 3 weeks ago I haven’t found the clientele to be all that different, still the same cool people wanting awesome hair styles coming from around from the inner west to the eastern suburbs! I think we attract a real diverse range of clients, as we are all pretty fun loving professional hairstylists.

What are the most requested hairstyles for both women and men in both your Glebe salon and Bondi salon?

Stevie: Because our clients come to both salons we have a lot of similarities. For girls, obviously the Balayage/dip dyed look is very popular and in the last year we have been doing it so much. But we do try and tailor our styles to each of our clients.

Elly: I guess for haircuts I am loving shoulder length “Lobs” (long bobs) or chin length slightly layered tresses. Also undercuts are big, I do love a good undercut! As for men, I am turning all the men into gentlemen with hot mad men inspired haircuts, side parts, short tapers, and maybe even a little bit of facial hair

What are the hottest hair colours for both women and men in both your Glebe salon and Bondi salon?

Stevie: I want my colours to look good and suit my clients, whether it’s bright or natural shades, I love outrageous! Variations of pinks, purples and greens are very in especially with the dip dye. Beach blonde is big in Bondi, not so much the windswept look, more sleek and healthy. Coppers are also very popular.

Who are your style icons male and female?
Stevie: Definitely David Beckham and Johnny Depp, I like their ragged look, scruffy gentlemen really. For girls, Scarlett Johansson, she doesn’t seem to follow the crowd and she takes risks with her style. I like people who seem interesting, I’m much more about funky and fun and less polished.

Elly: My style icons include Nikki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Rhianna, all super sexy powerful women who don’t mind making a statement!

Stevie English Hair:
44 Bronte Rd Bondi Junction. 9387 7791
153 Glebe Pt Rd Glebe 9423 7033

Interviewed by Monica Morales and Jessi White
Photography by Jessi White


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