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May 10th, 2012 by and  |  Published in Features, Headline

One rearing Arabian stallion bodysuit and three years later, We Are Handsome is the final word in bold and beautiful swimwear. With global stockists (hello, Net-A-Porter) and a cult following, things are on the up-and-up for this Sydney-based label. You’re probably familiar with their striking dreamscapes – made from photographic collages with super-saturated colours – and this season extends their limited edition apparel in the form of silk skirts and cover-ups.

This season the print stories are as eye-catching as ever with animals predominating including a grizzly lion, a fierce tiger and a bald eagle plus a splattering of diamonds and palms silhouetted against a setting sun. Even the patterns play with the eyes, on close inspection the rose wallpaper print features tiny hidden kittens. The zebra design splashed over the runway appeared on bikini tops as models walked out sucking on ice-blocks. The prints have also translated well onto several silk pieces although the low-cut necklines and sheer mean they are clearly intended to be worn over the swimwear for a beach-to-bar look. Of note was a long swishy silk skirt with an ombre-effect sunset cityscape.

The showpiece, a skin-tight jumpsuit with peek-a-book mesh no less, should probably be left to the celebrity fans - Tyra Banks and Nicky Minaj have been spotted in their pieces - but everyone else can enjoy their distinctive prints on bikinis, mini-dresses, leggings, body suits and signature scoop back one piece. Winter might be around the corner but there’s never been a better time to start dreaming of the sun.

Words by Lucinda Burtt Photos by Jessi White

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