8 Items of Men’s Clothes That Women Like

March 16, 2019 by  |  Published in Headline

According to the majority of women, a perfect man should look neat and well-groomed. The list of preferences from the ladies is described below.

  1. Beautiful shoes. According to women for marriage, the first thing they do when they meet men is that they always pay attention to shoes. Precisely with its help ladies determine the quality of character and decide whether it is worth communicating with the chosen gentleman at all. It is easy to determine a guy who lives with his parents by sandals worn with socks. Enthusiasts wear fashionable sneakers. As for suede shoes, it eloquently highlights the features of the narcissism of their owners.
  2. Perfect men’s suit. This part of the wardrobe can be sewn or bought. However, it doesn’t matter at all from where you get it because the most important thing here is that it suits a man. Such clothes emphasize male sexuality.
  3. Jeans with T-shirts. Most women say that they are attracted to men who combine jeans with light-colored T-shirts. Also, don’t forget about the quality of the jeans themselves. Jeans made of natural fabric are perfectly combined with a light shirt, which, by the way, is indispensable in the hot summer weather.
  4. Shirts with rolled up sleeves and tie. This appearance makes it clear that a person is quite business-like, successful, and in demand. For the most part of the female survey, this combination of clothes looks like a challenge to the public, and, of course, to women themselves.
  5. Triangular cutouts. Such a thing adds a man sophistication and a neat appearance. This is what attracts women. According to girls, a shirt with a tie and such a jacket will look great. And the main thing is that it contrasts this combination. As an option, you can wear fashionable cardigans of gray shades.
  6. Casual men’s style. In the case of business clothes, women prefer shirts on men. But in everyday life, it will be appropriate to wear T-shirts of rich colors. And in this case, girls choose a triangular neckline and Henley T-shirts. Their difference is that there are a number of buttons on the collar, so they are easy to fasten and unfasten. The peculiar collar adds sexuality in the eyes of women. Also, T-shirts of rich colors are perfect for any look. The main point here is to choose everything harmoniously, starting from a combination of colors and other details. The ideal male style shouldn’t be too defiant and variegated.
  7. Socks. In continuation of the theme of the everyday look, we will talk about socks. All the women say that the absence of socks attracts them. In our time, low socks that are not visible from shoes are suitable for everyday life. Such a masculine style looks bold.
  8. Accessories. The price is not so important here. It just should harmoniously fit into the image. Of course, a gold-framed watch or a chain of pure gold looks expensive and stylish, but they will look ridiculous if you wear it with a tracksuit. It is necessary to understand what accessories can look good with particular clothes.

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