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December 6th, 2010 by Tina Tek, Hayley and Jessica  |  Published in Features, Headline  |  9 Comments

Searching for the perfect Christmas Gift for your best friend, teenage sister and your man? It’s no easy task, but us here at the On The Streets Of Sydney office have compiled a guide to make it just that little bit easier for you.

The Best Friend

Let’s be frank here, no matter how many gifts you spoil your BFF with this Christmas, nothing is going to please her more than you giving a gift wrapped with love. You’ve been there when she received exclusive tickets to see MGMT in concert and then spent the most of the night puking in the loos of said concert, and also comforted her when her boyfriend dumped her via a text message that broke her heart and lead to a severe icecream binge (and even more puking).

For instance, what about this khaki playsuit from Sportsgirl? Whether she wants to meander through the designer markets around Sydney or sip on some pina colada’s, she’ll look great. Pair it with high heeled clogs from Sportsgirl and remember to pop some Flipsters into her Christmas stocking so when the heels inevitably hurt like hell she can slip on these comfy fold up thongs. Or if she wants to reveal her inner Chloe Sevigny, wear the digital print dress by Asuza. It’ll sure be turning heads. Also, no outfit is complete without colourful eyeshadow, peachy cheeks and pink lippie. With the Front Row Blogger Make Up Kit from Sportsgirl,  a palette which features 10 eyeshadows, 2 cheek colours and 6 lip colours, she’ll be puckering up with the bloggerati in no time.

In regards to all things that glitter, I don’t expect you to have a cool $1 billion sitting on your bank account to buy a 70.04 carat diamond ring. But skull motifs and tribal designs are huge this season, with labels such as Love and Luck producing excellent skull items like this ring and necklace.  Or if she loves skulls, but prefers to carry them take a look at this satchel from Love and Luck. Finished with distressed leather which will soften and wrinkle with use, its generous size can be used for many functions, including a university bag, travel bag or a gym bag. If she’s more into the tribal style, the Sportsgirl Navajo feathered necklace is so in, she may think you picked it up at the bazaar at Abu Dhabi.

To deal with your friend’s break up, remind her there are plenty of those finned-gilled animals in the sea using the Ultimate Boyfriend magnet kit from Sportsgirl. 124 combinations of what her future man could be, and none of them will break up with her by an sms!

Gifts Boat Shoes, Study, $99 | Bag, Love and Luck Law Less mini satchel $195 | Nail polish, Sportsgirl, $7.95 | Leather boot strap, Zana Bayne, $85 | Flipsters, $29.95 | Front Row Blogger Make Up Kit, Sportsgirl, $19.95 | Rings, Love and Luck, POA | Boyfriend Magnets, Sportsgirl, $12.95 | Facehunter book, $49.95 from Borders | Iphone cover, Incu and Virgin Mobile Covers for a Cause $39 | Crab coin purse, Sportsgirl, $12.95 | Feather dream catcher necklace, Sportsgirl, $24.95 | High heeled clogs, Sportsgirl (now on sale), $99.95 | Cuckoo Clock, Sportsgirl, $19.95 | Hat, Sportsgirl, $39.95 | Sunnies, Sportsgirl, $39.95 | Bag, Love and Luck, Skull and Bones satchel $280

Outfit 1 Eclipse Slit Silk Dress Infinity, Asuza, $149.95 | Hat, Sportsgirl, $ | Sunnies, Sportsgirl, $ | Necklace, Love and Luck Skull Tassle $60

Outfit 2 Khaki Playsuit, Sportsgirl, $89.95 | High heeled clogs, Sportsgirl (now on sale), $99.95 | Bag, Love and Luck Law Less mini satchel $195 | Necklace, Love and Luck Skull Tassle $60

The Teen Sister

As much as your little sister annoys you, deep down you really care. So a nother boring school year has gone by for her.  She’s no longer stressing about exams, assignments and the formal. Her school uniform has taken a back seat in her wardrobe as its the Summer holidays. It’s time for her to go to the beach, festivals, markets, and the movies (Harry Potter 7 anyone?).

The holidays seem never ending so if it’s too hot outside, or she simply wants to save her moolah, stay indoors and make a chocolate fondue with friends and family. Or she can start flexing her creativity by making a new spaghetti-strap dress using the mini sewing machine from Sportsgirl. Not only she’ll make fabulous outfits using that humble device, but she’ll be chic whether she’s going to the beach or just hanging out at home.

If she wants to kick-start 2011 feeling organised, what about a heart fabric diary from Sportsgirl? It contains a daily organiser, address book and note paper to make her feel more organised than Rachel Berry from Glee.

The Sportsgirl Denim Romper looks fun, but effortless at the same time whether you want to go out to lunch, the beach or finding great treasures at the local markets. Pair it with the St Tropez bag from Sportsgirl so you can travel in style. Also, no outfit is complete without a tan, bronzer and slathering on some vanilla body butter cream all from Sportsgirl. Though a word of warning when she applies the vanilla body butter, she’ll smell so good; there is a chance she’ll chew her arm off.

These summer holidays are a huge party season, unleash her inner Alexa Chung in a pair of floral denim shorts and sunnies, courtesy of Sportsgirl. If all she wants to do is slather herself in sunscreen and read a cool book like Spaces by Frankie magazine by the pool to get inspired about creative ways to do up her bedroom? Why not let her paint her nails polish in great colours like blue, red and green? This is the only time where she can paint her nails without her science teacher slinking around the background, waiting to give out detention slips.

Though I can’t guarantee you your sister won’t annoy you every 27 seconds to use the phone to call her BFF, at least you can be partly responsible for her stylish outfits this summer.

Gifts Floral Denim Shorts, Sportsgirl, $59.95 | Sunnies, Sportsgirl, $39.95 | Sew Right Now, Sportsgirl, $29.95 | Self Tanner, Sportsgirl, $9.95 | Love is Like a Dreamland book by Miss Unkon, $75 from Blurb | Heart Fabric Diary, Sportsgirl, $24.95 | Nailpolish, Sportsgirl, $7.95 | Powder to the People, Sportsgirl, $9.95 | Body butter, Sportsgirl, $9.95 | St Tropez Bag, Sportsgirl, $69.95 | Chocolate Fondue Set, Sportsgirl, $19.95 | Spaces book by Frankie Magazine, $22.95 from Magnation

Outfit Bobby Denim Romper, Sportsgirl, $89.95 | Sunnies, Sportsgirl, $39.95 | St Tropez Bag, Sportsgirl, $69.95 | Necklace, Drown Refraction Necklace, $129 from Alegorie

The Boyfriend

Finding a special item (or items) for the man in your life can be difficult at times. If all you can see in your man’s wardrobe are 5,480 ties, 15,736 pairs of socks and a ubiquitous amount of oversized checked shirts, read on.

Keep it simple but funky for timeless items he can use for years to come. Like these humble canvas shoes from Study. Nor should you be fooled into thinking big is necessarily better. Some of the most decadant items come from tiny packages. Like this Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne,  a concoction of cinnamon, musk and bergamot, so good you may mistake him for smelling like freshly made cinnamon doughnuts from the bakery.

We live in an era where it is normal to fork out a $300 off the rack t-shirt from uber stores. But if your man wants to create his own designs, these material markers from Sportsgirl are a great way to create unique designs.

While other items come and go due the monstrous fashion cycle, there is one fashion item which has stood the test of time for men and it’s the shirt. I’m sure your man owns a lot of mass-produced shirts that were chosen without thought and bought within minutes of trying it on. The problem is, men’s bodies aren’t all ‘made-to-measure’. So buying a well-fitted bespoke made to measure shirt from NiAlma will solve all those problems. Nothing beats the comfort of a well-fitted shirt, specifically tailored to your measurements and prices start at $99. It’s worth buying this humble item for the price and quality for the special man in your life.

Gifts T-shirt, Gebo Mana Organic Cotton Tee that helps educate children in 3rd world countries, POA | Canvass sneakers, Study, $99 | Raybans, Incu, POA | His and Hers icypole maker, Sportsgirl, $9.95 | Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne, $89 from Myer | Vitamin Aftershave balm, $38.20 from Trixan Body | Material Markers, Sportsgirl, $14.95 | Wavecurl wallet, $14.95 from Trixan Body | Shirts, NiAlma bespoke shirts from $99 | Fedora, Vintage POA

Outfit Blue t-shirt, Orri Henrisson $95 | Shorts, Orri Henrisson $199 | Stipe canvass shoes, Study, $99

Tina Tek
Stylist Hayley Hughes
Photographer Jessica Kingelfuss
Models Chloe, Janice and Max.


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    Love this shoot, too cute!!

  3. Claire says:

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    I love your blog, but did Sportsgirl sponsor this post? It seems you’ve gone a bit overboard…

  4. Alissa says:

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    C’mon! You’re better than this! x

  5. Hayley says:

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    Hi guys. The post wasn’t sponsored by Sportsgirl, they just made it easy to borrow their products for a shoot, which as a new publication, especially in the online world, is the largest obstacle to overcome. However since going live we have had a lot of PR’s open their doors to us so in the future you will see a larger diversity in our shoots, because we will have more available to us to actually shoot. Styling is all about access, access to labels, designers and products. That is why a Vogue shoot looks amazing, they have the ACCESS to the product, but we will get there, hell our readership is already larger than Vogue Australia’s.

  6. Claire says:

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    Thanks for the explanation Hayley. You’re doing a great job here, so glad to hear you’re getting the readers you deserve!

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