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Fashion Designer Mary-Anne Pham has the kind of wardrobe that just makes you green with envy. Chanel clogs? Check. Balenciaga city bag? Check. A host of separates from every cool girl brand from Opening Ceremony to her own label, Piper Lane? Check, check, check. Her style reflects that modern jet-set melange: a refreshing collaboration between Sydney’s laid back sartorial sentiment and pieces from international heavyweights picked up on her travels to style destinations like Paris, New York and Milan.

We caught up with Mary-Anne over scrambled eggs and avocado on toast at Bernasconis cafe, Rose Bay, to chat about icons, inspiration, and the incredible Isabel Marant.


Describe your style:

Relaxed. Thrown together. Femme. A dash of girl meets woman meets boy…

What is one wardrobe item you can’t live without?

Well that really depends on what season and what time of the year we’re in. Ah the fickleness of fashion. Right now it would be my Givenchy Pandora and my Piper Lane silk tank. I have it in all colours and it’s a total no brainer that goes back with everything.

Who is your style icon?

I have a few for different reasons. Katharine Hepburn for her ingenuity and individuality. Kate Moss - she really is the style icon of our generation and has that extra style DNA gene that no one else in the public eye has been able to come close to. And Kate Bosworth is a quiet achiever. Not an icon but notable mention. She always makes good choices and styles her outfits with a keen eye.

Who is your favourite designer?

Isabel Marant. Her handwriting is a perfect match for me. It’s feminine and girly but has this intangible edge to it that is sometimes rock, sometimes hard. I get so much wear out of her pieces. She continually and skillfully maintains this perfect balance of high end fashion with ease and wearability.

Do you have a favourite piece in your wardrobe?

Hmm I have a few. My new Pandora Givenchy for love factor, my Et Vous blazer because it’s such a classic staple and my Chanel clogs as clearly they are such a treasure! I also love this American Retro dress. When I bought it I thought it was so beautiful and I wanted to get married in it. It is so delicate and pretty. I love it!

What are you inspired by?

Colour. A good colour palette really gets me excited. And good style, which to me should be effortless and not so contrived.

What is the story of your label, Piper Lane?

Six years ago there weren’t too many labels in the marketplace and I saw a gap in the middle commercial market of fashion that was wanting for more style, edge and individuality. So I named the label, Piper Lane, literally like naming a baby. I didn’t want to just give her one name, she needed two and voilà, here she is going on six years!

What do you see in the future for Piper Lane?

Gosh i see so much for Piper Lane. The sky and beyond is limitless for her. In the near future definitely more Piper Lane boutiques and really ramping up our online presence.

What do you think about Sydney style?

Hmm I might get shot for this… Sydney is a city where there is so much emphasis put on the external, keeping up with the Joneses which lends itself to a homogenous look and every girl looks like the next. What I love about the Gen Y’s and Z’s coming into their own is that they so don’t give a s@$t about what others think and are dressing for themselves.

For me style and dress are about self expression, not about conforming.

What is your favourite thing about Sydney?

Definitely the diversity of the people and culture. And we have some of the best beach spots ever. We have clean water, a gorgeous harbour city, great fashion. We’ve got it made here.


Check out the Piper Lane blog, or like them on Facebook.


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