RAFW wrap up - day four

May 6th, 2011 by , and  |  Published in Features, Headline

The favourite question throughout Thursday was “did you see Dion Lee?” -  we didn’t, but we had shows by RAFW first-timers Yeojin Bae and Limedrop to look forward to as well as the much anticipated return of Josh Goot.  Fashion fatigue hit around lunchtime with the afternoon collections suffering from distracting styling and inexperienced models. Swimwear label Kooey kept it fun and colourful as did the Ready To Wear 3 group show. Melbourne’s Limedrop got us going again with pineapple cotton shirts, checks and a surly bengal cat in the finale. The crowds piled thick into Stolen Girlfriends Club with the hipsters lapping up the New Zealand boys’ collection of garden prints and denim with leather overlays.  Credit must go to Alistair Trung for transforming the OPT runway into a foggy wonderland for his moody collection punctuated by brights though the slow pace of the show had some twitching in their seats. We raced to catch the bus in the nick of time before arriving at a former car-dealership in East Sydney for Josh Goot. After navigating endless flights of stairs we were greeted by a cavenous industrial space adorned with fluroscent lights and a gleaming white catwalk. The candystripe pieces and billowy paint-splattered dresses signalled a welcome return for the label leaving us enthralled. Exhausted but elated we are determined to see this fashion week through!

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