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Rachel takes photos. Her camera is slowly but surely taking place of her heart and mind. She loves natural light, envies those with musical talents, makes stories from images, see's more than she speaks and likes to travel the world to validate & confirm her opinion of Sydney as being the greatest city on our planet. She needs the ocean and wants to live a life of purpose.





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June 9th, 2011 by and | No Comments

Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers, it starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters…sings modern day Euterpe, Florence - of the Machine. The young Sydney man becomes like hunter and layers for perhaps the city’s coldest winter to date.  

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Product Review: Original Source

May 25th, 2011 by and | 2 Comments

Mr Whiffy. There is nothing more alluring about a man than if his whiff (good whiff, thanks) reminds you of freshly cut herbs, a hidden rainforest getaway or perhaps the zest of life. A pleasant alternative to the whiff of a sweaty gym locker room or mouldy undergarments awaiting laundering.

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RAFW Review - Beauty

May 16th, 2011 by , and | 2 Comments

The beauty looks displayed at this year’s Rosemount Australian Fashion Week were as trendsetting as the outfits the models were wearing. Like the clothes displayed, we also saw in hair and make-up: pops of colour, flirtatious nudes and daring shapes. From colour blocking lips at Dhini to a hair-raising affair at Bowie, these are our favourites (whether you dare to try them or not is up to you!).

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RAFW Review: Menswear Short-Sleeved

May 13th, 2011 by , , , and | No Comments

Shorter than the shorts shown at labels Stolen Girlfriends Club, Subfusco or Saint Augustine Academy was the menswear presented at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Why is menswear so neglected? The men of the OntheSoS team review what we did see of those hairy legs!

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RAFW wrap up - day five

May 9th, 2011 by , and | No Comments

We can all breathe easy now, Fashion Week is over! Yes it was fun, and yes the goodie bags are filled to the brim with amazing products, but RAFW is also exhausting. The team here at On The Streets of Sydney worked hard to bring you our daily wrap ups and street style snaps, so hard that we all have blisters and the kind of sleep deprivation that normally only accompanies having a small child. Yes ontheSOS is our baby and fashion week  is its birth. Friday was a big day for fashions new comers with both New Generation shows scheduled in the afternoon with talent such as Jamie Lee and Arj Selvam showing at RAFW for the first time. Saint Augustine Academy was the hot ticket of the day and Alvin delivered a great show featuring both womens and menswear much to the delight of our menswear editor. Yes fashion week may be over but our coverage continues this week, expect reviews and break downs on our favourite collections and on the beauty trends we saw emerge.

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RAFW wrap up - day four

May 6th, 2011 by , and | No Comments

The favourite question throughout Thursday was “did you see Dion Lee?” -  we didn’t, but we had shows by RAFW first-timers Yeojin Bae and Limedrop to look forward to as well as the much anticipated return of Josh Goot.  Fashion fatigue hit around lunchtime with the afternoon collections suffering from distracting styling and inexperienced models. Swimwear label Kooey kept it fun and colourful as did the Ready To Wear 3 group show. Melbourne’s Limedrop got us going again with pineapple cotton shirts, checks and a surly bengal cat in the finale. The crowds piled thick into Stolen Girlfriends Club with the hipsters lapping up the New Zealand boys’ collection of garden prints and denim with leather overlays.  Credit must go to Alistair Trung for transforming the OPT runway into a foggy wonderland for his moody collection punctuated by brights though the slow pace of the show had some twitching in their seats. We raced to catch the bus in the nick of time before arriving at a former car-dealership in East Sydney for Josh Goot. After navigating endless flights of stairs we were greeted by a cavenous industrial space adorned with fluroscent lights and a gleaming white catwalk. The candystripe pieces and billowy paint-splattered dresses signalled a welcome return for the label leaving us enthralled. Exhausted but elated we are determined to see this fashion week through!

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RAFW Wrap up - day three

May 5th, 2011 by , and | 4 Comments

The sun finally peeked through the clouds today, cheering up the bleary faces and bringing with it the strongest day so far including Magdalena Velevska, Shakuhachi, Fernando Frisoni, Michael Lo Sordo, Dhini, Gary Bigeni and fittingly the first of the swimwear collections. There were sharper-than-a-knife pleats and pops of fluro at Magdalena Velevska setting the bar high for the rest of the day. With the sun blazing on the Opera House forecourt for Fernando Frisoni we were more than happy to mingle with the fash pack, though we got a little sunburnt and hated navigating those cobblestones in heels. The white, black and gold pieces however looked spectacular on the runway and were met by many nods of approval. Michael Lo Sordo delivered a standout collection with monochromatic separates, smoky print blazers and those pleats again leaving the crowd quietly rapturous. There were also soft butterfly prints at Dhini and colour-blocking perfection at the packed Gary Bigeni. Onwards to Day 4.

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RAFW wrap up - day two

May 4th, 2011 by , , , and | 1 Comment

Rugged up in coats and furs were we, the On the Streets of Sydney Team ready to keep you updated on day 2 of RAFW. But, in classic Sydney style, the weather changed, and what could have been a bleak and dismal day became a mildly tolerable one. Just as well, because we had Rachel Gilbert, Sara Philips, Miss Unkon, Carl Kapp, Amber and Thomas, Marnie Skillings, Kate Sylvester and more to go to. We kept in high spirits with blow-dry sessions at the Redken Tents and plenty of post-show dissection of looks (we loved the bike shorts at Sara Philips, we are desperate for the yellow maxi dress at Kate Sylvester, we would do anything for those fringed flares at Amber and Thomas). RAFW is definitely catching up to us. We’ve run around the city for off-site shows, snuck in a couple of classes at uni and time at work, we ran into superstars (and best friends) Gail Elliot and Yasmin Le Bon and got the chance to spend some quality blogging downtime with old friends like Zanita Whittington. And, hey, maybe we’re going a little crazy, but was that a snake on the runway at RTW Group 2? What an exciting day. We can’t wait to see what Day 3 throws up.

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RAFW wrap up - day one

May 3rd, 2011 by , and | 2 Comments

The champagne may be flowing and the goodie bags may be filled with delicious lindt chocolate, but there is no rest for the wicked. RAFW is a workout, but a pleasurable one, and we here at On the Streets of Sydney are determined to work up a sweat. What we liked on day 1? The touches of gold (Gold Member Cream Blush and Silent Night Eye Shadow from NARS by Mecca Cosmetica) in the make up at Arnsdorf,  the double cuff jewellery at Kirrily Johnston, the colour palette at Morrison of rust, navy and crisp white (white is definitely a huge trend already at RAFW with every show from Gail Sorronda to Flannel showing white looks). The team here at On the Streets of Sydney have been busier than ever getting the exclusives for you. We got amongst it at Friend of Mine to get the best shot of blogger Alexandra Spencer’s stylings of bullet-buckle belts and assymetric super short hemlines. We queued up to get a peek at Lover‘s amazing 10th anniversary show, a divine vision of white, black and red all over. We stalked down some amazing street style from fashion-forward attendees. We’re exhausted that’s for sure. But the promise of even more amazing fashion tomorrow has us going again. Bring on day 2!

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