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Emily is a Fashion Blogger and Stylist who is based in Sydney. Emily has had the pleasure of attending exclusive fashion events within Sydney and Melbourne as well as RAFW for a number of years. While relatively new to styling, over the past 6 months she has been given the pleasure of working alongside talented stylist Heather Cairns, renowned photographer Emmanuel Giraud and Mimco for a recent blogger campaign. Emily is inspired by everything around her, though without a doubt her biggest inspiration and icon is Lady Gaga.





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The Graduate

February 7th, 2011 by , and | 11 Comments

Our three favourite designers from Whitehouse and UTS’s graduating class of 2010 were given the On The Streets Of Sydney Editorial treatment. A massive team, an epic location and some of the best images we have created thus far even if we do say so ourselves. Here’s to the future of Sydney fashion.

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Back to Black

January 27th, 2011 by , and | 8 Comments

modern goth

Calling all fashion fiends and closet goths. If you’re like me and have the tendency to stick with dark tones or more specifically black attire but have been getting frustrated at sticking with perhaps more basic combinations then you would like, look no further. Wearing all black doesn’t have to be boring! Forget about your converse sneakers, indie band tees and skinny jeans - this modernised look is all about mixing textures, adding layers, adding statement accessories and killer footwear and don’t forget to add a rich purple lips like we have which will help to brighten up the dark look.

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Delicate Pastels

January 3rd, 2011 by , and | 2 Comments

Cotton candy pink, baby blue, lilac and mint green: no longer is the world monochromatic nor does your wardrobe have to be! Perfect for summer, pair loose fitting tees with long maxi skirts or a tailored lilac top with high waisted  baby pink trousers and jelly sandals - it’s all about letting loose and making fashion fun again! But most importantly don’t forget to accessorise.

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Neptune’s Daughter

December 16th, 2010 by , , and | 14 Comments

“The daughter of King Neptune determines to avenge the death of her sister, who was caught in a fishing net laid by the king of a country above the waves. However, she soon falls in love with the king upon whom she planned to take her revenge”

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